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We believe that our team is our biggest asset. Learn more about our team below


Mark was born in Western Nebraska and was raised on a cattle ranch. Living 60 miles from the nearest town meant the family had to learn to be very self-sufficient! That experience led to learning numerous skills and developing a good work ethic. He and Melissa moved to Estes Park in 1988 with 1 child and very little in the bank. In 1992 he decided to form his own construction company. He began as a framing contractor and then moved into general contracting. Throughout the years he has remained true to his values of providing a top-quality product to satisfied clients. Mark and Melissa have 4 children all raised in Estes Park and 5 perfect grandchildren, also being raised in Estes Park. In his spare time Mark has a number of diverse interests he which include: flying airplanes, golfing, fishing, camping, woodworking, learning the mandolin and gardening. If you stop by the office, he’d also enjoying shooting a game of pool!

Melissa Westover - Owner



Melissa jokingly says she’s into her 5th career! Raised in southern Illinois, she began her 1st career as a teacher. Since, she was a stay-at-home mom, a non-profit director, a licensed professional counselor and the former manager and director of Estes Valley Restorative Justice. She has served on numerous boards and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Greenville University, her alma mater. Her current role with Westover Construction encompasses several areas including marketing, HR and management. Melissa is very proud of her, and Mark’s 4 children all raised in Estes Park. Her current joy is spending time with their 5 precious grandchildren, who also live in Estes Park. She also enjoys singing, hiking, reading, camping and fishing and mission work in Guatemala.

Will Erickson - Operations Manager


Will Erickson

Will grew up in Estes Park and has a very eclectic background that has prepared him for this role. He not only has extensive experience within the construction industry, but he’s also been in restaurant management, worked in engineering/CAD and worked in a motorcycle shop. Construction has been the constant, however, as he built structures on the
family ranch as a boy and eventually working for his stepfather as a teenager. Will is known for his accommodating nature and fair-minded approach with clients. His personable skills, work ethic and honest communication immediately build confidence in those he works with. Will’s goal is to continue to build on the Westover reputation, that of building high quality, world-class mountain homes for satisfied clients.
Will is married to Jessica and they enjoy spending time together by walking their dog Ricky, dining out, paddleboarding and taking care of their house plants.

Brian Weber - Project Superintendant



Brian was raised primarily in Estes Park and is an Estes Park High School Graduate. He decided early on to go into the construction business. For many years he owned his own flooring business which served much of the front range. Being in that business, he found himself fixing mistakes made by others. He often wondered what it would be like to start a home from the beginning and be sure that the job is done correctly the first time! Though he has now had that experience, Brian finds that he enjoys doing remodel work primarily because of the challenge it presents. His goal as a manager is to deliver as close to a perfect product as possible. He enjoys seeing client’s happy faces once the job is completed. Brian is an avid fisherman. He’s happiest when he is camping and fishing with his two adult sons.

J&C 1.png



John P. Bostron

John was born and raised in northeastern Colorado on a family-owned, 4th generation, homestead farm.  Growing up he was drawn to architectural books and magazines, and his collection continues to grow to this day.  At the age of fourteen he found himself pushing a broom around a construction jobsite to pay for a broken window.  A happy accident of sorts, since it introduced him to the world he built his life around.  Architectural classes, school, and internships quickly followed.

Though his roots were on the farm, his heart wanted to be in the wilderness.  After the 2013 flood he seized the chance to go to Estes Park to work for a local architectural firm and made the move to the mountains.  He has a strong passion for historic preservation and a design style which blends with its surroundings.  He met Carey, the “girl next door” when he moved to Estes, and they fell head-over-heals for each other.  They realized they shared a love of old houses and soon bought a 1949 log cabin.  They spend their down time shopping for antiques for their home and exploring unique historic areas with old buildings to explore and stories to learn. 

Nicole Cosuineau - Administration



Nicole was born and raised in Montana. She left to attend Calvin College in Michigan where she earned a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. Ever the mountain girl, she moved to Estes Park over 20 years ago. Though her studies did not focus on her present duties, she possesses many skills that qualify her for her position. She enjoys detailed work, that involves accuracy and balance. Though clients don’t always see her, they appreciate her prompt attention when they have questions. She enjoys helping people understand the financial side of the building process from start to finish. Nicole is married to Tom, whom she met in Estes Park. She enjoys supporting their 3 children in their activities. When she has time, she loves doing anything outdoors including trail running, hiking and exploring new places.

Valerie Dascoli - Interior Design



Valerie was born in western Kansas and raised on a farm. Early in her life it became clear that she excelled in creative endeavors. She graduated with a degree in vocal performance from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Valerie has always been industrious. She’s been a professional seamstress, done voice over work, sung professionally and created ‘wall scaping’ a technique used in finishing or refinishing walls. For the past several years she has worked as a designer for the Westover team. She assists with every detail from external colors and lighting to all things inside the home. She has the ability to listen to clients, with varied tastes, and bring forth a design that fulfills their dreams. Nothing brings her more joy than witnessing client’s excitement at seeing their vision become reality. Valerie is married to Michael and together they have two grown daughters. Her creative pursuits continue in her spare time as she enjoys singing and performing as well and sewing and painting. She also tries not to take herself too seriously!

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