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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof is a high quality, premium roofing product as well as an incredible option for solar provision. The material is extremely durable, while providing an appealing and sleek aesthetic. Solar Roof plays well with other Tesla products, like the Powerwall and SPAN panel, to create energy independence, offset your carbon footprint, and give your home a beautiful, modern style.

While this product is fairly new to the market (in the last 5 years), we have seen Solar Roof be able to power most homes easily. So, how does one go about understanding if their roof is good fit for Solar Roof? Weddle and Sons considers several factors at the onset to make sure that Solar Roof can provide adequate power for your needs. The predominant factors include:

• Kilowatt Production - For large homes that have several power-hungry appliances, like hot tubs and large HVAC systems, your kilowatt needs will be larger. Smaller homes with fewer appliances will need less kilowatt production. To accomplish this, Weddle and Sons performs an energy audit during the design phase of Solar Roof, so we’ll know exactly how much kilowatt production a home will need.

• Roof Design - Not every roof is a good candidate for a Tesla Solar Roof installation. Roofs that have large southern exposures, simple rooflines or cuts, and minimal interruptions or protrusions on the roof are great candidates. Complex roof plans (i.e. hip style, multiple facets, extremely steep roofs) are often not good candidates for Solar Roof due to the amount of uninterrupted space required to fit generating solar tiles.

• Energy Independence - Many of our solar product customers want to be as independent from the electric grid as possible. While not all municipalities allow for true independence, we do our best to make sure the system can maximize the solar capture and energy production where possible.

Homeowners often ask us if installing a Tesla Solar Roof will increase the value of their home. And the answer to that is yes, absolutely! Your carbon footprint is reduced, your energy independence is increased, and you have an incredibly premium, durable roof product protecting your home that is highly attractive to

home buyers.

Since Solar Roof is not only a high quality, durable roof but also a solar generating product, this unique, one-of-a-kind roof comes in at a high price. Because of this, we also offer solar panel installations to meet the needs of our clients who might not need a new roof but are still wanting solar flexibility and independence.

Anna Weddle | Sales 

Weddle and Sons Roofing of Denver 

1500 Hampden Ave Ste 5D, Sheridan 80110 | 303-420-7663


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